• Beer Brewing Classes

    Because brewing your favorite beers should be fun and easy!

Intro To Extract with Steeping Grains
& All-Grain Brewing Classes.

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Brewing beer is easy and fun, brew up a great beer in the comfort of your own home! If you love craft beer, then it’s time to learn how to brew it yourself.

Classes are available at Unrestricted Brewing in two options; All-Grain or Extract with Steeping Grains. It is advisable for beginners to start with the Extract Brewing, which take less time and equipment, before moving on to the All-Grain Brewing.

Extract with Steeping Grains & Partial Mash

This intro to homebrewing class will get you started on the right foot for making great beer!

• Designed for beginning home brewers
• Learn Key Terms
• Learn the steps to brewing with Extract
• Learn how to use Steeping Grains
• Learn how to Partial Mashing

All-Grain Mashing & Sparging

All-grain beers are made exclusively from grain without the use of malt extracts. The All-Grain process use’s only malted grains and a process called mashing where malted grains are soaked in hot water to convert starch to sugars.

This intro to all-grain homebrewing class will advance you from extract to mashing.

• Designed for home brewers familiar with Extract Brewing
• Learn Key Terms
• Learn the steps to Mashing and Sparging
• Overview of the ingredients and what they contribute
• How different beer styles are created
• Tips and Tricks for a successful brew day